Corporate Profile

It all began when our chairman, Mr. Syed Rafi Ishaq, founded the ‘Dream India Group’ in 2009. Dream India Homes was the flagship real estate company of Dream India Group of companies. Since inception, the Group has evolved by leaps and bounds and currently has several companies under its banner. The focus has not just been on construction of property but realization of our customers’ dreams.

An ISO 2008:9001 company, Dream India is one of the leading real estate companies in Telangana, with three offices and over 100 employees. Our commitment to quality and customer trust has ensured that our homes are not just made of bricks and beams but cater to our customers’ hopes and dreams.

The company is managed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are committed to helping clients make the right decision. Whether the client would like to opt for a home or invest in a property of their choice; our expert resources will provide the best solution and true value for your money.

We have been consistently reshaping customer’s lives with unique environments that create vibrant living spaces.

Our company philosophy of Trust, Reliability, Affordability and Credibility speaks volumes about our commitment and drive for service excellence. We dared to dream big; a dream to give not just homes but great lifestyles and amazing amenities to middle class clients. Our completed and ongoing ventures have become landmarks of their respective areas; which is proof of our untiring effort to always fulfill our promises.

En route to success, our unique business model is more to do with meeting the necessities and investment opportunities of the average Indian middle class household. We are proud to have an edge over our competitors as most of them cater to the upper-middle or upper-class of society.

The company has been a destination for happiness for customers and investors alike for the past many years and looks forward to maintain the status quo for decades to come.

Chairman's Message

Dream India Group Chairman

Inspired by the dream and entrepreneurial drive of its founders, Dream India Group has grown exponentially since its inception from 2008 to becoming an important player in Real Estate Industry. Dream India Group is recognized as one of the leading and most innovative business organization in the State of Telangana. We have never hesitated to explore uncharted territory or to be pioneers in new ventures. Because of our passion for adding value and making a difference, we are never satisfied with yesterday's achievements - we constantly seek growth, fulfillment and higher levels of excellence. We are convinced that successful organizations are built on strong leadership, consistency of purpose, innovation, professionalism and customer focused result orientation.

We dared to dream big. A dream to give not just homes, but lifestyles, a dream to create and offer a home with great lifestyle and amenities to middle class clients. Our completed and ongoing ventures have become landmark of the areas, which is the proof of our untiring effort to always fulfill our commitments. Thanks to our valued clients and trusted partners who have constantly reposed their confidence in us.

Today Dream India Group takes pride in being a premier real estate development company that has successfully turned the dreams of people across the length and breadth of our State of Telangana into reality. Our commitment to quality has brought us the membership of the Federation of Chamber of Commerce and ISO 9001:2008 certification. We are proud to be the members of real estate associations such as CREDAI and TREDA. Moving forward, we know the road ahead is longer and exciting. We have many more milestones to establish. However, every milestone takes us back to where it began: a vision, a dream.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Dream Group Foundation, our corporate social responsibility was founded on August 18th, 2015. It was set up with a means to provide education opportunities, health care benefits and women empowerment programs to the deprived and underprivileged section of our society. Being a community based project; it aims at breaking barriers towards acquisition of education, basic health care and enhancement of women empowerment to the future of our country.


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